The Shack

TheShackOk, this will be the last ‘New York Times Bestseller’ I’m going to pick up for a long time. Life’s too short, my sister suggested this and I recognized a name I respected among the reviewers so I thought it would be worth the risk. Well it wasn’t.
The cover says “This book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress did for his. It’s that good!” Nothing could be further from the truth, first off, Pilgrim’s Progress didn’t just effect his generation, it has been in print for over 330 YEARS! This book will be relegated to dusty book store basements in a few years, next to all of the other trash that is so widely received in our culture and continues to erode confidence in the Bible, and in earnest Christian living.
Oh sure, it goes without saying that there were good things said in this book, that would have to be the case to make it palatable for such a vast audience. And there will be stories of how this book helped people along in their walk with Christ,… ok, and if I wanted to sound open minded, accepting, and inclusive I would point out the few high thoughts that came to my mind as I waded through the swamp of what is so quickly becoming mainstream Christian thinking.
The Shack paints a picture of a god who has no expectations of us, (p206) a god who exists to serve us (p236). Rules, religion, authority, and responsibility are not in this god’s vocabulary (p132&204) and I can only conclude that wrath, judgment, and punishment aren’t in there either since there wasn’t a whisper of them in this book. My book has the words ‘Red Flag!’ on page 182, apparently this god isn’t a Christian either, and his followers are from every system, Buddhists, Mormons, Baptists, and Muslims are all his sons and daughters. Wow, this god is sounding pretty good isn’t he, oh it gets better, if you have problems seeing him as a father,…. poof, he becomes a mother!!! Are you starting to realize how pathetically tolerant so called Christians are in our culture that this book would be considered Christian?
C.S. Lewis said it well “Tolerance is a virtue of a man without conviction.” I’m not impressed with peoples ability to see the redeeming value in this kind of trash when there are so many aberrant ideas that can be taken in so many different ways. In short, Paul Young’s willy-nilly, irresponsible handling of biblical truth gets two big fat thumbs down from me.