Gay Promiscuity

imageI was stumped! My sister claimed that homosexuals were just as promiscuous as heterosexuals, I claimed that they are far from the misunderstood milk toast equivalents as the media consistently portrays them to be, but I had nothing to back up my claim.

Google certainly wasn’t going to back me up because they’re part of the gay propaganda machine. So I had to do some digging and a fair amount of reading, and what I found was an astounding chasm of promiscuity between heterosexuals and homosexuals, nothing short of an obsessive compulsive homosexual promiscuity phenomenon.

In his book Straight & Narrow, Thomas E. Schmidt states: “…the number of homosexual men who experience anything like lifelong fidelity becomes, statistically speaking, almost meaningless. Promiscuity among homosexual men is not a mere stereotype, and it is not merely the majority experience – it is virtually the only experience.”

As documented in Homosexualities by A. P. Bell and M. S. Weinberg and cited in Schmidt’s book

74% of homosexual men have had more than 100 partners during their lifetime, 41% more than 500, and 28% more than 1,000

75% of homosexual men reported that more than half their partners were strangers

Heterosexual males average 5-9 partners during their lifetime (Robert Kronemeyer, Overcoming Homosexuality)

Schmidt tries to sum up his chapter called “The Price of Love” using an illustration of 10 randomly selected homosexual men living in San Francisco:

“Four of the ten men are currently in relationships, but only one of those is faithful to his partner, and he will not be within a year. Four have never had a relationship that lasted more than a year, and only one has had a relationship that lasted more than three years. Six are having sex regularly with strangers, and the group averages almost two partners per person per month. Three of them occasionally take part in orgies. One is a sadomasochist. One prefers boys to men.

Three of the men are currently alcoholics, five have a history of alcohol abuse, and four have a history of drug abuse. Three currently smoke cigarettes, five regularly use at least one illegal drug, and three are multiple drug users. Four have a history of acute depression, three have seriously contemplated suicide, and two have attempted suicide. Eight have a history of sexually transmitted diseases, eight currently carry infectious pathogens, and three currently suffer from digestive or urinary ailments cause by these pathogens. At least three are HIV-infected, and one has AIDS”

Up until 1973 homosexuality was classified as a pathological disorder, and now we are constantly force fed the bold face lie that it is on par with heterosexual behavior. DON’T BELIVE THE LIE!!! There are only 1.6% of men and half as many women who say they are homosexuals and yet their activist bullying tactics forced the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to change its stance and now they have achieved universal sympathy in the main stream media, with “male intergenerational intimacy” (aka pedophilia) in its wake for a follow-up makeover.

So,… are homosexuals more promiscuous than heterosexuals? Yes, to correct my sister, by a LONG shot!

Does this make me better than homosexuals? No, not at all.

Am I in line to offer homosexuals sympathy? Yes, just as I would offer anyone suffering from dangerous, unhealthy, unnatural, and ultimately sinful behaviors. The worst thing I can do is to ignore its clear condemnation in the Bible and allow the main stream media to shape my thoughts and ultimately affirm it by my silent acceptance, my lighthearted laughter, my entertainment choices, and my unwillingness to call it what it is,… sinful.

The desire for sex is neither central nor necessary to anyone’s being. It was designed to joyfully accompany a loving, lifelong relationship between a man and woman who, by design, have the capacity to have children and provide the best possible complimentary care for them. Anything outside these parameters always runs afoul as I believe these statistics show.

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