Blood sucking faith healers & prosperity gospel pimps

If you thought the days of televangelism was over in the 80s with Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker, you thought wrong.  The scandals of the 80s were merely a  bump in the road for what has become an unstoppable train filled with  millionaire pastors, bold faced heretics, and lying, cheating, two faced,  greedy, selfish, egotistical, … Continue reading Blood sucking faith healers & prosperity gospel pimps



While much of Catholic doctrine enjoys the authority of the inspired scriptures, the Roman Catholic Church has so overlaid them with extraneous and unbiblical teachings that the foundational truths of the gospel are not only compromised but can no longer be recognized. At the heart of all these teachings is a lack of faith in … Continue reading Catholicism


To the passer-by, the Mormon Church is yet another Christian denomination, with the same terminology and it's long sought after wholesome image. However, a closer look shows it to be distinctly different. In Mormonism, Eve's sin was the first step toward godhood, the inadequate fig leaves used to cover their nakedness are used in secret … Continue reading Mormonism