I wrote most of this when Lynn was still wounded by my side, and I finished it after the wind cleared the smoke off the field and she was gone. When people ask me how things are going I often reflect on how battle worn soldiers answer that question because I feel like my life … Continue reading Frontlines


Lynn’s Birthday 2008

Though it's extremely easy for me to find occasion to think about Lynn and to reflect on the gaping hole she has left behind, her birthday this year was different. This time it was the boys who asked if we were going to do anything to remember her and the more I thought about it … Continue reading Lynn’s Birthday 2008


You may have noticed that many pictures of Lynn's last winter here are sprinkled with knitted hats. Those hats kept her busy for several months and were not only the source of much activity but also the source of much pride and accomplishment. Sometime during the fall of '06 Lynn's friend Lynnette came over and … Continue reading Hats


Through the years I’ve watched my cloths transition from everything my mother bought to everything that Lynn bought. Every piece of high school clothing of mine has long since been replaced by Lynn’s selections for me and for that I’m grateful. When I look through our closet I’m reminded of occasions, events and special memories … Continue reading Clothes