Gay Promiscuity

I was stumped! My sister claimed that homosexuals were just as promiscuous as heterosexuals, I claimed that they are far from the misunderstood milk toast equivalents as the media consistently portrays them to be, but I had nothing to back up my claim. Google certainly wasn’t going to back me up because they’re part of … Continue reading Gay Promiscuity


Eternal Insecurity

It would seem that many pastors fall all over themselves trying to reassure the unsure that their salvation is secure. They go to great lengths to explain the free gift of salvation and the unmerited reward of grace but they don't allow the natural uneasiness of a sinner or a casual Christian to bear the … Continue reading Eternal Insecurity

Tattoos, body piercings, baggy pants and the like

Appearances, regardless of time period, culture, or social strata have long since been a point of tension between the boundary testers and those who like things the way they were. Parents have been fighting battles over wardrobes and hairstyles for centuries and will continue doing so with every new fad that arrives on the scene. … Continue reading Tattoos, body piercings, baggy pants and the like