Lynn’s Birthday 2008

Though it's extremely easy for me to find occasion to think about Lynn and to reflect on the gaping hole she has left behind, her birthday this year was different. This time it was the boys who asked if we were going to do anything to remember her and the more I thought about it … Continue reading Lynn’s Birthday 2008


Free time?

If your mind defaults to off, if your body consistently retreats to the couch, and your Christianity never reaches your actions, there is nothing more Satan needs to do, he is never too busy to rock the cradle of a sleeping saint. Though the size of the cradle may change, the principals remain the same, … Continue reading Free time?

Tattoos, body piercings, baggy pants and the like

Appearances, regardless of time period, culture, or social strata have long since been a point of tension between the boundary testers and those who like things the way they were. Parents have been fighting battles over wardrobes and hairstyles for centuries and will continue doing so with every new fad that arrives on the scene. … Continue reading Tattoos, body piercings, baggy pants and the like